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Competition Results – Trekanten International in Copenhagen, 5th and 6th October

A nine-strong EFC squad made their way to Copenhagen for a weekend of Foil events from U12s to a very strong FIE Satellite for the seniors.

Day 1: On the Saturday Hannah Fielding and Sahsa Htet-Marshall took part in the Junior WF (U20), both gaining promotion from the pools and getting through the L64 but were eliminated in the L32 to finish 11th and 14th respectively.
At the same time Emma and Jackie Hu competed in the U14. Emma emerged unchallenged from the pools as 1st seed and Jackie fencing above her age-group (and with smaller foils) emerge as 6th seed, earning them both a bye through the L32. Jackie continued to punch above her weight winning her L16 and L8 bouts to make it to the semi-finals, losing by 9-15 to get a Bronze. Emma meanwhile continued to dominate the competition with a run of 15-0, 15-4, 15-4, 15-4, winning her first International Gold at this age-group in style.

Johnny Woollard competed in the Senior International Men's Foil gaining promotion from the pool but dropping his L128 bout to finish 73rd.

Day 2: The Seniors took part in a very strong satellite event. Zoe Sudderick didn’t find form and was eliminated from the pool. Chloe Dickson fenced very well with 3 commanding victories and 2 defeats both by only one point, and Katie Smith emerged with a splendid 4v1d. Chloe went ‘off the boil’ in the L64 loosing 11-15 to Vaaben (DEN) to finish 35th, but Katie continued to fence well, eliminating Cantucci (SVK) 15-6 before dropping her L32 bout 10-15 to Brugger (AUT) to finish 19th.
Meanwhile, Emma and Hannah were fencing in the Cadet International (U17), both emerging from the pools with a solid 5v1d to be seeded 5th and 7th respectively. A bye for Emma and an impressive performance from Hannah (eliminating Csikós (SWE) 15-2) saw them into the L16. Once again our girls showed their class Emma winning 15-1 against Eklöf (SWE) and Hannah winning 15-3 against Hinzmann (GER) giving us two quarter-finalists. At this stage Hannah lost 7-15, ranked 6th, and Emma won a tense tactical battle with Athlin (SWE) 9-7 to assure her a medal, but defeat in the semi-finals by Ratz (GER) 9-15 meant Bronze.
Jackie competed in the U12 event in which 2 rounds of pools gained her a lot of good experience and after a slow start, raised her game in the L8 to defeat Jechil (SWE) 15-10 , but a loss 9-14 in the semi-finals to Su (CHN) saw Jackie with her second Bronze of the tournament.

An excellent weekend with some very impressive performances!

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