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Competition Results - First Leg of Youth Development Series, Stirling

Seven young EFC fencers competed in this season’s first Youth Development Series event on 27th October in Stirling.
Our youngest participant, Aleks Reznik, U11 foil, did well in his first metal foil competition. With 3 victories and 4 defeats in the poule, he was seeded 5th for the direct eliminations. In the following DEs all places were fenced for, and Aleks finished 6th overall.

In the U13 boys foil category we had another two new YDS fencers: Christopher Rennie and Duncan Richards joined Robert Loa and Griffin Manning who already have one and two years of competition experience. Chris and Duncan both had a tough start, losing all five poule fights placing only 6 and 5 hits respectively. Seeded 16th and 17th they went in the DEs, where they kept fighting for every hit, placing 17th (Chris) and 15th (Duncan). Robert started out with 2v3d in the poule; he was seeded 13th and kept his place in the DEs.
Griffin in his second year in U13 did well in his poule with only 1 defeat out of five fights. He was seeded 5th, placing 6th after the DEs.

Our two girls Lily Graham and Katharine Dorman had their first season in a strong U15 foil field. Their first fight was against each other, with Katherine winning 5:4. They finished their poule with Lily ranked 4th and Katherine 6th, with a final fourth place and only foil bronze medal for Lily, and Katharine placing 5th.

Griffin went on in the afternoon to fence U13 sabre too. He fought his way through the poule and DEs into the final, to finish with a silver medal.

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