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EFC Results - Scottish Open, 30 Nov. & 1 Dec. in Largs

This year’s Championship was held at the National Sports Centre in Largs. Congratulations to the 25 EFC fencers, in particular our medallists and Champions;
Women's Foil (Saturday):
Gold - Katie Smith
Silver - Chloe Dickson
Bronze - Zoe Sudderick
10th - Sasha Htet-Marshall
11th - Anna Conlin
12th - Hannah Fielding
13th - Alison Sidgwick
16th - Isabelle Knops
Men's Epee (Saturday):
Gold - Calum Johnston
Bronze - Alex Papadopoulos
Bronze - Johnny Woollard
6th - Alasdair Baker
8th - Dylan Morrison
10th - Isaac McKerr
14th - Robbie Brown
26th - Adam Bryson
33rd - Mike McEwan
34th - Philip Haigh
40th - John Preston
Women's Epee (Saturday):
Bronze - Alex Stewart
Bronze - Georgia Haynes
5th - Emma Stewart
Men's Foil (Sunday):
Silver - Johnny Woolard
18th - Peter Conlin
21st - Alex McLeod
Women's Sabre (Sunday):
Bronze - Chloe Dickson
10th - Cerys Manning

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