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Second YDS in Dunfermline, 8 December 2019

The second YDS competition of this season saw six young EFC fencers in Dunfermline this Sunday, 8th December.

Aleks Reznik was the youngest foilist of the team. He came fourth out of the poule of six U11 boy with 2v 3d, to end fifth after the DEs.

Sophie Macdonald finished the poule of seven U13 girls with 2v 4d in sixth place, which she kept through the DEs. It was her firsts YDS competition and the U13 girls field has some very strong fencers with several years of fencing and competition experience. So well done, Sophie.

The four U13 boys, Griffin Manning, Chris Rennie, Duncan Richards, and Robert Loa were fighting in a field of 19 foil fencers. Robert and Griffin started out in the same poule and had their first fight against each other which Griffin won 5:0. Griffin went on winning three more fights in their poule of seven, being seeded 7th for the DEs. Robert only won one poule fight, seeded 17th, while Duncan and Chris lost all their poule fights, being seeded 18th and 19th respectively.
Griffin had a bye to the last 16, while Robert, Chris and Duncan had to fight to get in. Chris and Robert both lost their fights, while Duncan won to get through. He then got defeated by Sam Barras, the later winner of the competition. But all places were fenced for and one defeat didn’t stop Duncan winning two more fights before he hot beaten in his final fight, placing tenth. Well done, Duncan!
Robert won his final fight coming 17th, while Chris placed 18th.
Griffin won his L16 fight to get through to L8, but then lost against Sam Barras, just as Duncan before. After one more winning fight Griffin lost the last one to place 6th.

But Griffin wasn’t finished yet, as he had also entered for sabre. After fencing in their poule of eight, he lost the L8 DE fight, and finished 5th after winning his remaining fights. That was a looong day! Here are the Before and After pictures:

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